About our company

About us


Ocean Pearl Logistics Pvt. Ltd is logistics provider derived from one of the leading logistics company in India. Our focus is to provide customers solution for transportation and warehouse where the insufficiency is eminent. We have 58 transportation and warehouse networks in metropolitan areas in India where they are in high demand. We are very confident that we are able to provide you the simple logistics solution for your needs.

Our Mission

To make logistics simpler, more efficient and productive.

Our Vision

To create better society by connecting people through logistics.

Our Goal

To provide you the simple logistics solution for your needs.

Our History

Ocean Pearl Logistics Pvt. Ltd is founded in January 2019 by the two experienced logistics experts. Their aim for the company is to transform their experience and expertise to the society today where the logistics are the most demanded and needed to be developed further in order to meet the customers’ needs. The logistics is the one of the oldest businesses utilizing traditional mode such as ships, train and trucks. But due to fast growing e-commerce and international trade, the demand has reached in peek. Only the experts and experience can provide the solution, speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Due to emerging crisis of Covid-19, the logistics business has been facing the most difficult situation, which are lack of human-resource, space, transportation and warehouse, and which the technology along with them has been underdeveloped. Ocean Pearl Logistics is hoping that we will be the game changer.


Director’s Statement

Over the past 2 decades, we have been involved with this logistics world. Our expertise is international freight forwarding, transportation and warehouse. We worked for one of the leading logistics companies in India. We always felt that we needed to do something to transform our knowledge to the next generation to develop logistics business further and greater. This is why we founded Ocean Pearl Logistics like our children.

Unique feature of Ocean Pearl Logistics is that our sales and market activities happens in high demanded metropolitan area while we have back office in Mangalore to support all these activities. Therefore, we are able to focus on our customers’ needs and demands.

Like a new born baby, we are growing and absorbing not only demands and needs but also technology to cope with them. But like a grown-up, we have experience and expertise to handle them too. When our experience and expertise meets the technology and transfer it to the next generation, we will be the most demanded and leading solution company for the logistics world. We are very confident that we will be your entrance to the world.

Until we reach the stage, we are asking you the favor. Please support our business to grow and grow with us to contribute for all the logistics solution. In this society, everything about logistics, human resource, space, technology, transportation and etc. are lacking to the bottom. We cannot fight alone. But with your kind support, we are sure that we are able to meet the demands for the future. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

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